Getting the checked luggage in the right size

I’m going from London to New York and was in need for a good and reliable suitcase with a hard shell but was unsure about the max dimensions and weight allowance for my flight (in this case it’s Norwegian Air so I hope the experience in their new Dreamliner will be great!). Turns out, there is no set standard but instead they are grouped based on the general price and service level, with Virgin Atlantic and British Airways being more generous than rival airlines.

American Airlines
British Airways
Virgin Atlantic
Weight (Kg)                                   23                                   23
Length                                   90
Width                                   75
Height                                   43
Total dimensions
L+W+H (cm)
                                158                                 208
Total dimensions
L+W+H (inches)
                                  62                                   81

In my search for the right bag I decided to stick to 158 cm/62″ max circumference limit as I do not want to limit myself to only few airlines nor I wish to pay the oversize luggage fee. And so I have found this bag by Firetrap, which is sold in Piccadilly Circus in Lilly Whites / Sports Direct mega store for £45 which is a reasonable price for a 29″ size.

I will get chance to test it in action early in October so if it fails, I will make a post about it.


The Strangest Secret


This is something I came across a while ago and found very profound and inspirational. It is The Strangest Secret audio program by Earl Nightingale. At some point, parallels are drawn and quotes given from the Bible but his story would appeal to all believers and non believers. It will take you roughly 30 minutes to go through.


Video. You have a video version below.

Transcribed. Further below you have the transcribed version. Reading it yourself will allow you to go through the ideas at your own pace and read it aloud in your own voice. Personally, I have sent a copy of this to my Kindle for offline reading.

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How to make your iPhone work faster

Just the other day I was unhappy about the iOS new feature called Parallax which makes those fancy zoom in and out of the apps and folders. Little research and I found the way to turn it off but you must be running at least iOS 7.0.3 when the option to switch it off was introduced. It’s called “reduce motion” and I strongly recommend you give it a try, especially if you run iOS 7 on iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 which are less powerful devices for such a new and resource hungry software.

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How to convert US (MM/DD) to UK (DD/MM) date format in Excel?

The system at work is using US date format and whenever I export any data into excel I have faced challenges since Excel does not know how to treat date column if it’s entered in different format.

Hence I have sourced only a rather simple solution – read below.


Insert US date format values in Column A and in Column B you will get respective UK date format values. Drag cells down to as many as need.

Formula for cell B2:


Hope this helps!

Need a longer than standard length macro and with ‘if this then that’ conditions?


If you have ever tried to record a macro only to later discover that you’re getting ‘macro too long’ error message, you should consider to split a big macro project more that 1,400 lines) into several parts.  Once you record separate macros (or, alternatively, you can record the whole thing and later cut it manually in code into several macros – requires more than just a very basic skills and so not recommended for novices) you need to make a new macro which will ‘call’ part A, B, C etc. one after another to execute the full project.

In below example you can see visual basic command ‘call’ + [macro name] repeating several times – this runs each macro within the bigger picture. I have also used ‘If’ condition – you can set the criteria in the master macro file (xlsm – macro enable spreadsheet) and then using the drop down menu use your own way to customise your report.

See the example code below.

Sub Big Project()
' Big Project Macro
If Range("l16").Value = "Yes" Then
 Call Project_Presorting
End If
If Range("l12").Value = "Yes" Then
 Call Project_PartA
 Call Project _PartB
End If
If Range("l12").Value = "No" Then (this condition excludes option of running macro called Project_PartB)
 Call Project_PartA
End If
If Range("l18").Value = "Yes" Then
 Call Project_Part C
End If
End Sub


2013 -> 2014


Happy New Year 2014!

First half of January is usually when typos happen in hand writing, as ell as when you enter December’s (last month’s) date in date+month format by default it will give you 2014 so also potential for an error.

On the personal note, 2013 was a great year – I got married, quit smoking and passed several accountancy exams. This along with other ventures I’ve started is just a beginning of my journey however a good legwork has already been made and should bear some fruits this year!

Some of this year’s resolutions: eat junk food less, exercise more, read more. Also, write more interesting and ‘wise’ posts 🙂

Wish you all a great, successful and eventful Year 2014!