How To Use Windows 7 For Free

This one’s kind of old but I think some night not be aware of it, so here it goes.

If you “happen to be using” free version of Microsoft Windows 7 and after six months you start getting messages stating that your Windows is not genuine, what do you do to get rid of these notifications?

Some people would go the lengths of getting specific software to do the job, but I have found much easier, quicker way.

Just run your Command Prompt (as administrator, option available when right-clicking the icon) from your Start menu. And then type “slmgr -rearm” and hit enter. Next time you restart the computer it will work like new. What this command does it resets the Windows 7 timer by 120 days. So this means you might need to do this twice a year but I’m sure it’s worth the “effort”.


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