Welcome to Wise Clips – a blog dedicated to sharing experience about things worth doing and having.

Wise Clips is authored by myself and would feature guest articles from friends and family.  For the most part I will be covering various topics that I have experienced first hand as I progress further in my life and grow as a character and find my happiness and place in this life. Things like how to find a perfect engagement ring, starting a blog, maintain long distance relationship, personal development and education, smart travel, useful tips, cool websites, personal opinions on multitude of subjects.

Hoping to transition from being a wise guy into a wise man but as I’m more interested in actual journey rather than the destination I have things to talk about and share with others.

This project is started in August 2013 and will grow as I add more posts. Even though I have keen interests in finance, IT, travel, history and languages, I have opted for smaller clips covering all my interests.

As of writing this my life is transitioning into something new and I am very excited about it. So once all is finalised I will update author’s bio and share my experience on the main site.


Your Thoughts

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