EVO Magazine – 3 issues for £1 plus Free EVO mug

Got an email in my inbox this morning – a promo to get EVO magazine three monthly issues for just a pound. I have tried Dennis Publishing magazine offers before and this is a great value, especially if you like to read magazines about fast cars.

Find details below  to order your three copies for £1 and, unless you decide to continue subscription after the promo period is up. don’t forget to cancel the service as well as your Direct Debit. Note, this offer is within the UK only.

evo magazine is just as passionate about performance cars as you, that’s why every issue is packed full of news, rigorous road tests of the latest models, and stunning photography – an essential read for everyone who appreciates a true driving experience.

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In each issue of evo you’ll discover:

evoRadar – the latest news, analysis and interviews
evoDriven – the newest cars, road tested to the limit
evoFeatures – global driving adventures, in-depth technical analysis, unmatched group tests, supercars in spectacular locations
evoTrips & Travel – comprehensive road trip guides plus events calendar
evoTrack & Racing – updates from the world of trackdays and motorsport

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Best Wishes

Geoff Love 
Publishing Director, evo

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Finding cheaper flights and accommodation


One week from now I’m going to New York to see my wife. I know it sounds weird and awful and yes, it’s challenging, but that would be a conversation for another time. Today I wanted to mention something that most of my travel loving friends would find obvious thing to do – shopping around minimise the cost of your trip.

Despite seeing plenty of special offers and discounts to book trip abroad with all inclusive hotels I still find that doing your own research will more often than not give you better value for money and you will make more rational and informed decision. Comparison lets me find best compromise between the level of comfort/service and the price I am expected to pay. I also get better prices for exact same flight using 3rd party agents (must be ATOL certified/protected) than buying directly from the airline performing the flight. This has also led me to better understanding of pricing structure and sensitivity to the season.

Recent examples where I have paid shamefully low price would be (all from London, UK, return) trip to Riga, Latvia for £18 (inc. all taxes, hand luggage only), going to Tenerife, Spain for £80 and to New York, USA for under £400. I always use skyscanner.net and choose full month as I usually am flexible on +/- few days. It is also worth noting that once you have found yourself the best price you should clear cache and cookies (browsing data) as price comparison sites tend to inflate their prices if they know you are showing interest on particular routes. Those sites themselves deny such practice but I seem to differ and speak from my own experience.

Secondly, you will need to find a place to stay once you get to your destination in which case you have more than one option – you can opt for all inclusive hotels or the ones with only bed & breakfast, or maybe opt for a stay at locals. Personally I would use sites such as Booking.com or Hotels.com but I have heard great stories from friends who have stayed at locals by prearranging their stay on Couch Surfing site and my friends have also hosted many visitors when they come to my their country. It is a great way to make new international friends however it is not for everyone.

Over the years I have made friends that are now scattered across the globe so when I consider my next country to visit I am very likely to reach out to my friends and see if they can offer a place. And it’s a favour that I will most certainly return.

Happy travelling!

Smart Way to Buy a Kindle


Ever since the first e-ink readers came out I was fascinated by their simplicity – they made a new market for people who like to read, who like the convenience and often otherwise would not be able to afford this hobby.

And then came Kindle and it instantly became the most loved reader and I started to understand why. I will not go too much into details and all I can say is it ticked off all the right boxes:

  • Long battery life – lasts for weeks with single charge of couple of hours. For the last few months I have only charged it three times.
  • Durability – I tend to act clumsy sometimes and I have dropped my Kindle on the floor but surprisingly it leaves neither scratches nor dents on the surface or the screen. I don’t even need a case to cover the device (if I opted for case it would cost almost as much as my Kindle itself).
  • Display – since the screen has neither glare nor reflection I can spend hours reading without making my eyes tired. I could never do such thing on an iPad.
  • Price point – since I am only looking for a dedicated reader I don’t care about touchscreen or a screen with colours. Lack of touchscreen also ensures that I will not accidentally flip the page.
  • Weight and size – it is small enough to slip into my jeans back pocket or in my blazer, not to mention my book bag/rucksack. So whenever I am out or got some time to kill – I can read instead of being idle. Size is perfect for holding the device in one hand.
  • Simple design and clean user interface – even my six-year-old niece has no problem using a Kindle. The build in Wi-Fi works great as I can get my content just by emailing my @kindle.com account and the device will recognise the common formats (txt, doc, pdf, mobi etc.)
  • Further costs – I have an option to read Classical books for free or buy cheap Kindle version books (often cheaper than paperback). However often I will get a free PDF book and use converter to Kindle format (*.MOBI) so the layout is good on my screen. Lately I just find the online articles I want to read and send email them as attachment to my kindle so I can read it on my way home.

Now back to the reason I started this blog post – how to get a good deal when choosing a Kindle. At first I looked at the amazon.co.uk site where the basic version is sold for £69 (with tax) and they do not provide the option to buy used/refurbished. Then I checked the amazon.com (US site) to compare the price and, as it is common with many items, they sell exactly the same item for $69 with special offers (non intrusive ads on screensaver and a tiny ribbon at the bottom of the home screen) but then they also offer used/refurbished Kindles – so I saw one for $49 with a free delivery which works out around £33. So I got myself a Kindle in a perfect conditional for less than half the price. So I placed my order around the time I went to New York to collect it. If I ever want to upgrade or sell it – I can sell it for around £40-£50 without problem as they retain their value. Might even make a small profit!

Conclusion: Do your homework and you can get yourself a great deal. In this case, I bought Kindle which changed the whole reading experience and I tend to read way more than I use to which enriches my life and knowledge. Needless to say, I feel like an ambassador for Kindle and I highly recommend it to anyone who is into reading.