Getting the checked luggage in the right size

I’m going from London to New York and was in need for a good and reliable suitcase with a hard shell but was unsure about the max dimensions and weight allowance for my flight (in this case it’s Norwegian Air so I hope the experience in their new Dreamliner will be great!). Turns out, there is no set standard but instead they are grouped based on the general price and service level, with Virgin Atlantic and British Airways being more generous than rival airlines.

American Airlines
British Airways
Virgin Atlantic
Weight (Kg)                                   23                                   23
Length                                   90
Width                                   75
Height                                   43
Total dimensions
L+W+H (cm)
                                158                                 208
Total dimensions
L+W+H (inches)
                                  62                                   81

In my search for the right bag I decided to stick to 158 cm/62″ max circumference limit as I do not want to limit myself to only few airlines nor I wish to pay the oversize luggage fee. And so I have found this bag by Firetrap, which is sold in Piccadilly Circus in Lilly Whites / Sports Direct mega store for £45 which is a reasonable price for a 29″ size.

I will get chance to test it in action early in October so if it fails, I will make a post about it.