Head Full of Ideas and Stories To Tell

Just a quick FYI to my future self.

A few days have passed since I created the site and I am still in the process of planning my time to tackle all my day to day stuff and squeeze some extra time to write the blog. I know it will be worth it as I will gain experience in essay writing skills, learn how to better plan my life and how to apply the knowledge I have gained.  September is coming up and I will be resuming my accountancy self-studies (ACCA) and be focusing on other areas

A quick list of ideas I feel confident to write about or at least find worth sharing:

    • Benefit of speaking multiple languages
    • Single child in the family vs having multiple siblings
    • Moving to another country
    • Everything you need to know about diamond rings, how it all started and where to get one
    • Proposing girlfriend
    • Surviving long distance relationship
    • Shirt guide (for men)
    • Other practical hacks for life etc.

Your Thoughts

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