Hello and Welcome!

It is bank holiday weekend here in London, day one and it is raining. This means I have time to sit down and choose the name for my blog and domain, make sure it is available.

Since I see this blog as an opportunity to express myself but not limited to just that and hope to have this platform throughout my adult life and improve on that I had to follow certain approach in choosing the name.

  1. Part of the selection process was to grade the domain using the Domometer website that tells if my desired name is a good one and how would it rate among all others on the Internet.
  2. Do some experimenting with Google Adwords to see what keywords people are using when looking for a particular connect and based on that I could check the availability of different domain names on NameStation’s bulk domain search, Unfortunately most of the domain names I had in mind were already taken, so I had to get a bit creative.
  3. Once I picked a good match, I registered it (GoDaddy) and made the WordPress account and all I have to do now is domain mapping which I will arrange in near future.

 Notting Hill Carnival is tomorrow and the day after but I have some other things to focus on – the whole blogging idea is new to me and I hope to learn the ropes in due course. 

Looking forward to revisit this post years from now when the perspective will be different, I will be more experienced, and my English will be much improved.


One thought on “Hello and Welcome!

  1. It’s addictive. Looking forward to reading more.

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